• Stacy Amankwah

The importance of Occupying the client Mind Space

I recently came across an excellent article titled: Map of the B2B buying process, By Beth Pearson, who is a B2B expert and the Co-Founder of Circle Research.

The article was based on a recent survey conducted on 118 B2B buyers. The points raised in the article from the survey are extremely interesting and highlight some critical data to all B2B suppliers. I would recommend that you read the full article by clicking on the title link.

Here are some key points which I would like to highlight from the article:

The choice of whom to purchase from in the B2B market space has been made even before the buying process takes place. Once a need has been identified, the buyer instantly selects from a list of 5 potential suppliers, whom they already had in place (their five go-to guys). The article goes on to state that from the five potential suppliers 86% (8 out of 10) have a clear preference for one of these buyers, of which most (94%) end up buying from them. What this data clearly demonstrates is the importance of being in the clients mind space (the five on the shortlist) and how the likelihood of you being selected in the buying process diminishes to just 6% if you do not occupy the buyers mind space. 

We need to always be within touching distance of our clients mind space. Brands who stick in the mind are often placed there by their physical branding. Humans are incredibly visual - in fact over 90% of information processed by the brain is visual. Pair that with an eight-second attention span. Promotional merchandise remains one of the most effective and affordable ways for businesses who do not have large marketing budgets to occupy the client mind space in the B2B sector. Matt n Gloss provide a full range of promotional material, as they work with a number of specialist suppliers in this area. The banding opportunities are endless - from Travel mugs, t-shirts, to USB's, lanyards, name badges, stickers, calender's and Pens.

The importance of getting your logo and message into the client's visual space cannot be underestimated and helps place your brand in a much stronger position than just having an online presence alone. The more creative you can get, the more overall impact your brand will have on occupying the mind of the client. 

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